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Canberräng 1st – 4th August 2013

If you are not a Lindy Hopper already and a member of the general Public looking to find our more about what’s on offer for Canberräng – Canberra’s Festival of Swing , go the Public Information section of our website to buy tickets and more.

Canberräng is Canberra’s festival of swing. It is an annual event held by Jumptown Swing. One of the longest running exchanges, Canberräng is now in its 11th year and held in August each year, this is right in the middle of a magestic Canberra winter. This year we’ve decided to embrace the season, making it our theme for the year! So pack  your dodgy 70s ski gear, bring your scarves and gloves, stock up on the eggnog and hot chocolate and get ready for our very own winter wonderland.

Canberräng is a Lindy Hoppers exchange of pure social dancing featuring local and interstate musicians, DJ’s, performances, fancy evening balls and the famous bus trip to a winery and more. Held at some of Canberra’s most interesting attractions and venues from 1st-4th August.

So register now: Registration Page


** Ski trip **

With the white slopes only a short drive from Canberra we think this is an opportune time for a sneaky trip to the snow.  The plan is to hire a minibus and do a day trip on Thursday 1 August. Spots are limited, so please email us quickly at canberrang@canberrang.org


The sky is blue and the sun is shining,
But there’s a chill in the air,
I feel it everywhere,
From colours in the trees to winter white,
Come dancing all day and night;
Canberrang is coming.

Cosy venues to keep your toes warm,
Chocolate brownies wafting in the air,
I smell it everywhere,
The Winery’s warm fires await,
Register now, don’t leave it too late;
Canberrang is coming.